Mixtron Dosing Pump

Having years of experience in this field Asha technocrats as one of the most supplier and exporter of Mixtron dosing pump in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Mixtron is a solution for liquid to liquid precision dosing and mixing issues. Installed directly in the water supply line the MIXTRON operates without any electricity its uses flow of water as the power source. Mixtron uses water process as the only driving force. The dose of concentrate will be directly proportional to the volume of water entering to the MIXTRON regardless of variation in a flow and pressure which may occur in main line.

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Working Mixtron Water powered Proportional Dosing Pump

Mixtron water powered non electric chemical injections are the easiest most reliable way to accurately inject chemical into water lines. Injectors work using volumetric proportioning ensuring that the chemical mixture remains the same regardless of variation in pressure and flow.

  • Easy to use
  • user friendly
  • Environment respecting
  • Integrating all dosing and mixing function
  • Independent and precise
  • No additional installation

Mixtron Dosing Pump – Water Powered Mixer Applications

Metal Working : It is used in the industry to optimize the tool life and improve machining quality and guarantee a perfect and constant supply of cutting fluid or lubricating oil. Moreover the maximum quality in all mechanical machining, such as too duration and correct wear starts with calibrated lubrication and cooling in all phases. Mixtron’s proportional dosing pumps are able to dose additives such as Emulsifiable oil, Lubrificants for metal clining systems.

Fertilization & Irrigation : As per the global development of intensive farming, greenhouses and hydroponic cultivation, calls for high precision and extremely reliable dosing of fertilizers and pesticides. These offered range of Mixtron’s proportional dosing pumps are able to dose treatments such as Fertilizers, Pesticides, pH Stabilizers v Sanitizes, Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements.

Water Treatment : Our offered Mixtron’s proportional dosing pumps are able to dose treatments such as chlorine, sanitizes, pH Stabilizers, Minerals, Ozone. Further with the precision dosing and constant mixing of additives in water purification and disinfection plants is a critical part of the treatment process and end result. For the same our Mixtron dosers are the perfect choice to achieve precise chemical dosage percentages and constant operation through time.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical : Mixtron’s Dosing pumps make sure the precise and unvarying dosages that needed to create clean and healthy environments. As the places like workplaces, public spaces, or animal husbandry facilities, disinfection and sanitation require essential health protection measures. These Mixtron dosers are meticulously analysed using thorough laboratory tests to guarantee and protect the stability of the chemical compounds used in this industry.

Livestock Breeding : In livestock breeding the offered Mixtron’s proportional dosing pumps are able to dose treatments such as Vaccines, Sanitizers, Glycols, Antibiotics, Prebiotics, Chlorine, Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements. Moreover for the healthy and correct care of the livestock it is important to integrate feeds with all that is needed to support growth and development.

Car Washing : The squeezed size and exceptional design of Mixtron dosers make them the perfect technical solution for this type of application. Tests conducted in risky conditions with the least manageable liquids has allowed us to engineer a doser range to promise a car wash liquid quality higher than any other volumetric doser. Pumps are able to dose additives such as Soaps, Waxes, and detergents.