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One of the Top Manufacturer, Exporters and suppliers of chemical Metering pumps.It is powered by Asha Technocrats. a maximum discharge pressure rating for each of their metering pump models, which each type is guaranteed to be able to pump against. A designer, engineer, or user should confirm that the wetted pump materials and pressure and temperature ratings are appropriate for the application and the type of liquid being pushed.The majority of metering pumps have a motor and a pump head. Through the pump head, the fluid that is being pumped enters through an inlet line and exits through an output line.

The motor, which drives the pump head, is frequently an electric motor.metering pump moves a precise amount of liquid over a predetermined period of time, properly calculating the volumetric flow rate.Delivering fluids at precise, regulated flow rates is referred to as metering. The term "metering pump" refers more to the application or function than the specific type of pump used, even if some types of pumps are far more suitable than the majority of other types of Metering pumps are capable of moving liquids outside water, however they are typically used to transport chemicals, solutions, or other materials. Many metering pumps have the ability to pump to high discharge pressures. They are frequently made to measure at flow rates throughout a wide range of discharge pressures.

Prisma, Chemical Dosing Pump
Prisma, Chemical Dosing Pump

Chemical Metering Pump Supplier & Exporters in Ahmedabad,Gujarat

Leading manufacturer of Chemical Metering Pump in Gujarat, India. Chemical Metering Pump has numerous applications, from processing to recycling and transfer applications. With a wide temperature range and numerous handing proficiencies, Our Metering Pump pumps can offer solutions for even the most demanding chemical processes. Our Offer Mechanically Actuated Diaphragm Metering Pump, Mechanically Actuated Diaphragm Metering Pump, and another type of designed with particular strengths and features such as energy-efficiency, low maintenance costs, Superior quality, or an extremely long service life for diaphragms. These pumps are high demands and requirements of many industries like pharmaceutical and biotechnology, or food, beverage industry, oil, gas, chemistry. The Chemical Metering pumps with two heads can dual the flow capacity of a single pump device.

Features of Chemical dosing and metering pump

  • adjustment of the flow rate, usually through stroke length and stroke rate adjustments
  • digital control panels or interfaces.
  • chemical metering pumps offer different pumping modes to accommodate various dosing requirements.
  • self-priming capability can automatically remove air or gas from the pump and suction lines, ensuring a reliable and consistent chemical feed without manual priming.
  • dosing accuracy and repeatability, typically within a specified percentage or parts per million (ppm) range.
  • corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, PVC, or polypropylene, to handle aggressive or corrosive chemicals without degradation.
  • safety features
  • Communication and Integration