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One of the Top Manufacturer, Exporters and suppliers of Diaphragm Metering Pump. diaphragm metering pump is a type of positive displacement pump designed to accurately and precisely control the flow rate of a liquid. It is commonly used in various industries, including water treatment, chemical processing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and more.diaphragm pump employs a pneumatic valve that directs compressed air back and forth between the two sides of the pump. Diaphragm pumps are capable of handling liquids with various levels of viscosity as well as liquids with suspended solids.

During the suction portion of the stroke, the motion of the piston lifts the suction ball check from its seat allowing liquid into the pump. At the same time, the piston's motion and system back pressure hold the upper check valve (discharge) closed. This is then reversed during the discharge stroke.The metering pump head is available in either PVC, PVDF, PTFE or stainless steel AISI 316 depending on the nature of the fluid. Diaphragms can be supplied in various materials, including; NBR, FPM and EPDM. Seal materials options include; NBR, FPM and EPDM.

Prisma, Chemical Dosing Pump
Prisma, Chemical Dosing Pump

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Leading manufacturer of Diaphragm Metering Pump in Gujarat, India. diaphragm pump (also known as a Membrane pump) is a positive displacement pump that uses a combination of the reciprocating action of a rubber, thermoplastic or teflon diaphragm and suitable valves on either side of the diaphragm (check valve, butterfly valves, flap valves, or any other form of shut-off valves) .The peak flow rate of a diaphragm pump is π(3.14) times that of a centrifugal pump! In other words, a diaphragm pump that produces a flow rate of 1,000 mL/min. has a peak flow rate that is equal to a centrifugal pump that gives a flow rate of about 3,140 mL/min.

Features of Diaphragm metering pump

  • Diaphragm: The pump uses a flexible diaphragm, often made of materials like PTFE (Teflon) or elastomers, to displace the liquid.
  • Positive displacement: Diaphragm pumps are positive displacement pumps, meaning they displace a fixed amount of liquid with each stroke of the diaphragm.
  • Reciprocating motion: The diaphragm moves back and forth in a reciprocating motion to draw in and expel the liquid.
  • Stroke length adjustment: Many diaphragm metering pumps allow operators to adjust the stroke length or frequency, enabling fine-tuning of the flow rate according to the application's requirements.
  • Manual or automated control: Depending on the complexity of the system, diaphragm pumps can be manually controlled or integrated into automated processes using electronic controllers and feedback systems.