Fine bubble Diffuser

Coarse Bubble Diffuser | Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser | Tube Diffuser for Wastewater

Fine Bubble diffusers are one of the pollution control technology used to operate highly in waste water for sewage treatment. Its purpose is to throw in the air into the liquid materializing as small bubbles. Fine bubble diffuser having high oxygen transfer rate, consume low energy and simple in installation procedure. Tube diffusers are built on round pipe. Asha technocrats pioneer in the industry we are engaged in offering an impeccable range of Fine Bubble Diffuser, Coarse Bubble Diffuser, Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser, Tube Diffuser for Wastewater in Ahmedabad, India. Highly manufactured from fine quality raw materials and latest advanced technology. Each fine bubble diffuser for sale has an industry standard size and shapes. We have design that makes them interchangeable with other system to provide added flexibility with other system to provide added flexibility. Allow us to provide the industry with valuable input on solution for all types of waste water treatment application including tank geometries, sludge volume reduction or solution filtration and difficult process application. Before the final dispatch of this diffuser is also checked against parameters by our quality experts. Moreover, we provide this diffuser to our client to our client at a nominal rate.

Application of Fine bubble diffuser

Tube Diffuser for Wastewateris highly utilized in aeration tank which used to transfer oxygen in large quantities. Coarse bubble diffuser is the products allow more oxygen delivery in smaller bubbles than the larger ones.

  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Activated sludge
  • Landfill leachate waste water
  • Agricultural waste water
  • Wetland water treatment system
  • Aquaculture for fish
  • DE stratification of lakes and reservoirs

Features of Fine bubble diffuser

  • high durability
  • Easy installation
  • High quality EPDM rubber
  • Little maintenance required
  • product longevity
  • Unique attachment system significantly reduce installation time
  • Length is available to suit the need of each application
  • Robust and long lasting
  • Resistance to calcification

Coarse Bubble Diffuser

One of the best organization that provide high quality and effective Coarse Bubble Diffuser, We are one of well known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Coarse Bubble Diffuser. Coarse Bubble Diffuser made as per international quality and techniques. Coarse bubble diffusers used for seawage treatment. coarse bubble diffuser platforms provide advances in mechanical reliability, application flexibility, and ease of installation and maintenance. it is highly demanded in the Indian as well international market for its unique quality and features.

Features Of Coarse Bubble Diffuser

  • high durability
  • High aeration efficiency
  • Non-clogging
  • Low maintenance
  • Good Mechanical strength
  • High Temperature Resistance