Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Chlorine Dioxide Generator In India

Chlorine Dioxide Generator means CLO2 is yellow to brown colored gas. It is highly reactive oxidant for all practical areas of water disinfection it must be generated on site using dosing equipment. Chlorine dioxide generation provide a safer and more efficient way to produce chlorine site commercial application that confirm that system provide a number of benefits including

  • Improved microbiological control
  • improved water quality
  • Workplace safety
  • Reduce environmental
  • Reduce chemical cost

The Asha technocrats range of Chlorine Dioxide generator has been designed from the ground up to deliver CLO2 for drinking water and disinfection application with unparalleled efficiency and purity standards.  We as one of the best leading CLO2 generator supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We provide our EMEC Clo2, Lotus air, Lotus easy, Lotus maxi, Lotus mini, Lotus ultra. Etc. many more. The simple design reduces operational difficulties resulting in lower operating cost and easy operator control. Our chlorine Dioxide generator is demanded all over the domestic market. Finds in various applications in almost every industry such as diary, beverage, pulp and paper, food and vegetable processing, poultry, chemical, power, textile, hotel as well as in hospitals. We have expertise to offer these chlorine generators as per the specification of our client. Typically used for the catalytic generation of the chlorine dioxide gas this is primarily used as a disinfectant. With application of chemical processing and oil and gas it’s commonly used in cooling tower, portable water, process water and wastewater. Additionally we offer this at a very nominal rate to our client.

Application of Chlorine Dioxide generator

  • cooling tower
  • food and beverage processing
  • Vegetable washing
  • process water treatment
  • Vegetable washing
  • waste water disinfection
  • Cotton bleaching
  • Drinking water treatment
Chlorine Dioxide Generator Manufacturer In India