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we Ashatecnotrats offering a quality solution considering your requirement of EMEC making EMEC Chemical Dosing pump Italy for accurate, efficient and uninterrupted chemical dosing. EMEC dosing pumps are wide range and most advanced pumps used in various sector while every specific dosing needs can find solution in one of our series of EMEC dosing pump and in one of the many available configuration for every dosing pump model. We offer a range of dosing pump containing IP 65 enclosure result in longer life and durability in water splashes and environmental charges. Our offered dosing pump provides the highest level of reliability, quality and accuracy with limited cost and many possibilities of configuration and application. We offer this product to our client in different sizes, and dimension as per the necessities. All efforts are geared towards delivering a timely accurate and effective response to customer requirement

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Features of EMEC Chemical Dosing pump

  • EMEC chemical dosing pump Variety of the dosing pump to range from 1 liter till 100 liter
  • Motorized pump for a higher quality of dosage
  • Superior quality season for long life
  • EMEC dosing pump are used for proper dosing of all chemical in to the water treatment system
  • Easy installation
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Self-venting series metering pump

Application of EMEC Chemical dosing pump

  • Water waste treatment
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Chemical processing
  • Food industry
  • Pools
  • Refineries
  • Bacterial water purification
  • Irrigation