Electric Diaphragm Pump

Difference from an air operated diaphragm pump, electric diaphragm pump is in the center part of the pump which uses electric drive instead of compressed air. The center part of the pump is filled with the pressurized air and it’s mechanically moved either right or left so its pushes the diaphragm from left to right Changeover the fluid section that was filled on the previous shift empties into the outlet and fills the opposite chamber via the inlet mentioned.

Advantages of Electric diaphragm pump

  • Easy installation
  • They can operate in the long term
  • Explosion proof
  • changeable flow rate and expulsion pressure
  • portable
  • cannot overheat
  • High pressure capabilities
  • easy maintained and inexpensive
  • No mechanical seal, coupling or motors
  • pumping efficiency remains constant
Electric Diaphragm Pump

Last Updated: 1-Sep-2020 [VinAnk]