Chemical transfer pump

The chemical transfer pumps have to meet the American national standards institute specification.  The Chemical transfer pumps is also known or refer as chemical process pump or pumps which used for mixing chemical, heating /cooling them and some other various process also. Water Transfer pump is also considered as a chemical transfer pump. Chemical transfer pumps are often built with highly resilient materials that can withstand toxic, corrosive and otherwise hazardous media.

Asha technocrats chemical transfer pump which is utilized to pump liquid from container A to container B. The media may have a wide range of various chemical properties so the pump needs various functional properties. Asha technocrats which work hard to make sure that liquid and pump are fully compatible. The chemical transfer pump treats well water system. We are supplier, exporter and manufacturer of Chemical transfer pump in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Chemical transfer pump is design for handle aggressive and corrosive liquids. Chemical transfer pump are made up of stainless steel or plastic with specific composition of fluid being handled within the process. Our all pumps are available in different sizes, specification and surface finishing fulfilling varied requirement of manufacturing and supplying sectors. Our chemical transfer pump are widely appreciated by our client for the features like high efficiency, elegant look, low power consumption, easy to install, less maintenance cost etc. many more. Moreover, made available for our client at a very reasonable rate and within the specified time frame.

We are chemical transfer pump supplier in New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chennai, Andra Pradesh, etc. and also chemical transfer pump exporter in Russia, USA, Uk,  Sri lanka, Australia, Mongolia, Pakistan etc. many more.

Features of chemical transfer pump

  • A robust and solid construction that guarantees long life even  under high suction pressure condition
  • heavy duty deep grooved bearing
  • Motor or engine driven sets
  • Special monobloc version available on request.
  • Special design for high temperature thermic fluid available in request
  •  easy to handle and light
  • Corrosive transfer pumps.
  • portability and less maintenance cost
  • Reliable pressure
  • wide flow operating range


Chemical transfer pumpare highly utilized in several of application not just in the chemistry industry. These types of pumps are highly utilized in swimming pools to add chlorine at some levels. Boilers and power station to inject chemical at various stages of these process, including helping to regulate water process.

  • Chemical process industries
  • Fertilizer plant
  • Sugar plant
  • Water supply
  • Cement
  • agriculture textile
  • jet dyeing
  • Heating and air conditioning plant
  • Bulk drugs and pharmaceutical
  • Slurry processing
  • water treatment

Advantages of chemical transfer pump

  • Chemical transfer pump are an essential tool for handling of hazardous chemical in various industry
  • Used for conveyance of chemical or to aid in chemical reaction the pump need to able to handle these chemical efficiently.
  • Cost effective
  • Available in stainless steel, polypropylene, PVDF and conductive poly.
  • Leak free design
Chemical Transfer Pump In India