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Supplier,Manufacturer of Controller chemical Dosing Pump in Ahmedabad,India. Our Product Dosing controllers, or dosers as they are popularly known, allows automated addition of liquid in reef tanks. controller for a chemical dosing pump is a device that manages and automates the operation of the dosing pump. It is used to precisely control the dosing rate and timing, ensuring accurate and consistent dosing of chemicals or additives into a system. The controller enhances the efficiency of chemical dosing processes and can be programmed to meet specific requirements and dosage schedules. Chemical dosing system is designed to automatically inject chemicals into the chemical feed tank for wastewater treatment. During the dosing process, chemicals are added to the water stream at precisely controlled rates by chemical metering pumps.

Controllers for chemical dosing pumps are commonly used in various industries, including water treatment, wastewater treatment, swimming pool maintenance, agriculture, industrial processing, and many other applications where accurate and automated chemical dosing is crucial. The integration of controllers with dosing pumps streamlines the dosing process, minimizes errors, and improves overall system efficiency and reliability

Prisma, Chemical Dosing Pump

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Prisma, Chemical Dosing Pump
  • Dosing Rate Control: The controller allows users to set and adjust the dosing rate of the pump. This ensures that the desired amount of chemical is injected into the system per unit of time.
  • Water Supply: A water supply line is connected to the pump, providing the necessary water for dilution.
  • Timed Dosing: The controller can be programmed to initiate dosing at specific intervals or during predetermined time windows. This is particularly useful in scenarios where periodic or batch dosing is required.
  • Proportional Dosing: Some controllers support proportional dosing, where the dosing rate is linked to a specific parameter, such as flow rate or water quality measurements. Proportional dosing helps maintain a consistent chemical concentration relative to changing conditions.
  • pH/ORP Control: Advanced controllers may integrate with pH (acidity/alkalinity) or ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) sensors to monitor water quality and adjust dosing rates accordingly to maintain optimal conditions.

Benefits of Controller Dosing Pump

  • modern controllers offer remote access capabilities, allowing users to monitor and control the dosing pump from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Some controllers can log dosing data, providing a history of dosing activities for analysis and reporting purposes
  • controller typically features an easy-to-use interface, such as a touchscreen or keypad, allowing users to set parameters and monitor the dosing process with ease.

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