Cooling Tower Dosing System

Cooling tower dosing system is fascinated with control of that is utilized for controlling the gathering of broke down solid present in the water. The control of this bleed off valve required for emptying water out of the framework. A water meter is utilized alongside inhibitor measurement for working synthetic dose siphon. There are two kinds of synthetic dosing siphon utilized right now stomach siphon and peristaltic siphon. Peristaltic siphon uses an arrangement of rollers that involves a cylinder which make a stream. Diaphragm pump is operated with the help of an electromagnetic administrator or engine and subsequently are capable of infusing into high weights.PH, TDS online and do the necessary correction as per program.

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Features of Cooling tower dosing system

  • Standard features include a fluorometer to read the chemical concentration
  • Control PO4 concentration
  • cost effective
  • Corrosion resistance
  • longer service life
  • sturdily constructed
  • excellent finish
  • longer service life
  • offer high durability
  • Accurate dosing
Colling Tower Dosing Systeam

cooling tower water treatment

A cooling tower water treatment / cooling tower dosing system is one technologies which remove damaging impurities from your circulation of water, cooling tower feed water etc. many more. The cooling tower dosing system is highly depend upon the configuration which type of you are using Quality of your feed water, type of heater exchanger, Quality of requirement for cooling tower and equipment.

There are some basic necessity for Cooling tower water treatment system typically include some type of

  • Clarification
  • filtration / ultrafiltration
  • chemical feed
  • automated monitoring

The main thing is that depending on the impurities present in your water any combination of this treatment might best suit your facility and makes the best treatment system. Depending on the needs of your cooling tower and process these all standard components are usually adequate.