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Dosing pump & metering pump

What is Chemical Dosing pump

A dosing pump is a special small type of pump which is designed to pump a very precise flow rate chemical or substance into either warm water, gas flow is known as dosing pump. Dosing pump is generally quite small in sizes which work on electric power or air actuator. Chemical dosing pump and metering pump utilized to add chemical caustic or an acid to a water storage tank to neutralize the ph. Dosing pump is highly used in various application from agriculture, industry manufacturing to medicine etc. many more. Chemical dosing pump is also known as chemical metering pump and also available in various models like water power chemical dosing pumps.

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How does Chemical dosing pump and Metering Pump

A chemical dosing pump draws measured amount of liquid into its chamber and injects the chemical into a tank or pipe which contains the fluid which being dosed. Electric power has been used for starting the pump which turns on and off the pump. And we also supply some other models which are highly sophisticated control system.

Application of the Chemical Dosing pump

Water treatment and food industries the dosing pump is also known as chemical metering pump controller. Design to operate in challenging situation such as high temperature and high pressure. In industrial plant, agriculture manufacturing facilities the dosing pump is highly used and medical laboratories and mining operation

Types of chemical dosing pump

  • Diaphragm motorized pump: -

    Having years of experience to provide best solution Asha technocrats suppliers and exporter of various series of Diaphragm motorized pump for our offered Diaphragm motorized pump come with superior idling capability and allows easy and convenient transmission of adhesive liquid and large particles. Highly utilized in various applications a metering pump, chemical pumps, and others. Some of its features include fine support, heat resistance, anticorrosive, noiseless and non-toxic diaphragm finish wide working temperature. Our pump can be automated to meet capacity and process requirement for maximum process efficiency. Our best range of Diaphragm motorized pump is available with long service life with hydraulic balance. These products are available in pocket friendly rates from us.

Features of diaphragm pump

  • Easy to use
  • center section
  • Electric drive
  • Accurate and sophisticated dosing metering
  • Leaf proof in nature
  • long lasting
  • Air charge
  • Motor option
  • Fluid section
  • Noiseless running
  • cost effective

How does an Electric diaphragm pump work?

Difference from an air operated diaphragm pump is in the center part of the pump which uses electric drive instead of compressed air. The center part of the pump is filled with the pressurized air and it’s mechanically moved either right or left so its pushes the diaphragm from left to right Changeover the fluid section that was filled on the previous shift empties into the outlet and fills the opposite chamber via the inlet mentioned.

Advantages of Electric diaphragm pump

  • Easy installation
  • They can operate in the long term
  • Explosion proof
  • changeable flow rate and expulsion pressure
  • portable
  • cannot overheat
  • High pressure capabilities
  • easy maintained and inexpensive
  • No mechanical seal, coupling or motors
  • pumping efficiency remains constant

The Asha technocrats are one of the leading chemical dosing pump and chemical metering pump supplier and exporter in Ahmedabad. Our digital dosing system delivers accurate metering of chemical, easy installation, less maintenance, priming and many more. Having highly varied viscosities for dosing different fluid quality controllers. An Asha technocrat also offers flow intelligence which gives operational safety and precision. Widely demanded in a commercial area these chemical dosing and metering pump are presented in the market in the safe mode. Our dosing pump is highly developed by using high grade materials and latest technology with set industrial standards. Our best quality chemical dosing and the metering pump are provided by us at very reasonable prices. Available in various models and specification according the demand given by our regular client.

Features of Chemical dosing and metering pump

  • Leak proof nature
  • low power consumption
  • compact sturdy design and long lasting
  • noiseless running
  • maintenance free
  • High efficiency
  • cost effective
  • Built versatile to suit any kind of liquid